Canada Financial News

Canada Financial News

The Best Canadian Blackrock ETFs to Buy in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, offers a variety of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tailored for Canadian investors.  These funds provide a way to gain exposure to various asset classes, including equities and fixed income, across domestic and international markets.  Canadian investors are often drawn to BlackRock ETFs for their relatively low management fees and brand recognition. The company is,

Bank Earnings Overview – Loans for Stock in Canada

Quite possibly the most anticipated release of the year here at Stocktrades, we’ll spend this week looking at the Big 6 Bank earnings.Why? Not only have Canadian banks served as a cornerstone of Canadian investors’ portfolios for many years, but they are also a bellwether of the Canadian economy. Although many of these banks have

Coinbase Canada Review – Canada’s Best Crypto Brokerage – Loans for Stock in Canada

Coinbase quickly gained popularity among Canadians seeking to tap into the crypto market. Its user-centric platform hosts a wealth of features supporting trade and management of over 200 cryptocurrencies, making it a solid option for beginners as well.In this Coinbase Canada review, we’ll explore the ins and outs of this leading cryptocurrency exchange that has

Carbon Capture Stocks – Getting Exposure to Carbon Pricing – Loans for Stock in Canada

Terms like Carbon Credits, Net Zero, ESG and GHG Emissions have become commonplace in corporate boardrooms signaling a shift towards a more eco-conscious business environment. It’s no longer enough for corporations to merely make green pledges, they must also take tangible action. With carbon now being dubbed as “financialized,” it takes on the characteristics of

The Best Canadian Real Estate Application in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

If you aren’t completely disconnected from reality, you’re aware that the real estate market in Canada has gone haywire. That said, it wouldn’t be too surprising if a mere rock was valued at a few million dollars, especially in Toronto. Buying a home, selling a property, or even renting apartments or condos in Canada is as

RBC vs TD Bank – Which Canadian Bank is Better in May 2024? – Loans for Stock in Canada

RBC Royal Bank (RBC) and TD Canada Trust (TD) are both among the Big Five, which constitutes the largest financial institutions in Canada and are chartered banks of the nation.Bank of Montreal (BMO)Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank)Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank)Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)These large banks offer a variety of

3 Top Canadian Pharmaceutical Stocks in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

Often when investors talk about making a fortune in the stock market, conversation typically circles around a couple of sectors, notably technology and pharmaceutical stocks. Buying a clinical trial-stage Canadian pharmaceutical stock and hoping it takes off is a popular strategy among hyper-aggressive investors. Judging by the fact you’ve landed on our page that will discuss the top

The Best Equitable Bank GIC Rates in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

Canadian investors frequently opt for the stability and security of Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) when it comes to saving. GICs generally provide slightly higher returns than treasury bills, and their price does not vary. Equitable Bank, a notable online bank in Canada and what I view to be one of the best banks in the country,

The Best CIBC GIC Rates in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), known as one of Canada’s Big 6 institutions, provides various types of Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs). GICs are a popular choice for Canadians who want to earn a fixed interest rate on their savings, ensuring that their initial principal is protected. GICs typically pay more than a savings account at the

Best Royal Bank of Canada GIC Rates in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

Royal Bank of Canada provides Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) that offer Canadians a trusted avenue for their investments. This delivers the assurance that they’re investing with one of the biggest financial institutions in the nation. RBC Royal Bank offers a range of GIC products that cater to various investment needs. Other banks, like Scotiabank or Bank of

The Ultimate Guide to Mortgage Porting in Canada in 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

The process of porting a mortgage involves moving an established mortgage from one property to another, while keeping the same lender, interest rates, and terms.Why would you want to port your mortgage?This financial maneuver may be advantageous for homeowners who are relocating but want to keep the favourable terms of their current mortgage.  It can be

Wealthsimple Cash Review for May 2024 – Is it Worth it? – Loans for Stock in Canada

Wealthsimple Cash primarily performs two functions. But how effectively does it execute them? We’ll explore this in the article. First, it’s a Canadian Venmo or Cash App — that lets people send money back and forth between each other for free. Like an e-Transfer, but less clunky.  It’s also a no-fee spending account. You get a prepaid Mastercard that

The Best Canadian Joint Bank Accounts in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

Joint bank accounts are a favored choice for individuals and their spouses, families, and business associates who wish to collectively handle their financial matters. A joint account allows two or more people to share access to the same bank account, making it easier to pay bills, save money, and track expenses. In Canada, many different banks

Hedged vs Unhedged ETF – What Should You Choose? – Loans for Stock in Canada

The realm of investment can be challenging. The intricate lexicon used can muddle our thinking and complicate the decision-making process. An illustrative instance of this is when we are considering a hedged versus an unhedged ETF. For some, they’ll have a basic understanding of what exactly currency hedging is. But for others, the concept is confusing

The Best Stocks to Buy in Canada for May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

Should you be in search of the top Canadian stocks to invest in by 2024, this is the perfect article for you. For in-depth research and commentary, simply click the stock you’re interested in inside the table.What are the best stocks to buy in Canada for 2024 and beyond? 12. Lightspeed Commerce (TSE:LSPD)Going public in mid-2019,

Should You Buy the Vanguard All-Equity ETF (VEQT) Today? – Loans for Stock in Canada

The Vanguard All-Equity ETF (VEQT) is an asset allocation ETF designed specifically for investors interested in diversifying their portfolio with a broad spectrum of global stocks, without the need for a financial advisor. With a strategy focused on equity securities, VEQT offers investors exposure to both domestic and international markets, allowing them to own some of

The Best Short Term GIC Rates in Canada in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

Investment Certificates (GICs) have consistently been fundamental in Canada’s investment scene, providing a safe alternative for those interested in maintaining their capital and earning a stable rate of return. Short-term GICs, in particular, provide a financial instrument for investors with a shorter time horizon regarding their investments. These instruments generally have terms ranging from 30 to

Navigating Old Age Security Payments in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

Aging is not easy. It brings with it a multitude of concerns such as stiffening joints, chronic illnesses, diminished eyesight, and hearing loss, among other issues. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about, though, is your OAS payments, which is what I’m going to cover in this article. We’ll go over what old age security pension

What Is a Reverse Mortgage in Canada – Is It Right for You? – Loans for Stock in Canada

When homeowners reach their retirement years, achieving financial security becomes crucial. Exploring a reverse mortgage as a solution for added income or handling unforeseen costs could be worthwhile.What is a reverse mortgage in Canada?A reverse mortgage is a financial arrangement tailored for homeowners typically aged 55 years and older. It allows them to access a

VGRO vs XGRO – Which ETF is Best for Canadians? – Loans for Stock in Canada

We all harbor the dream of being unique stock pickers and trouncing the market. Yet, there are moments when using an exchange traded fund, also referred to as “ETF”, is simply the smarter decision. When investors are looking for broad exposure to the TSX, S&P 500, NASDAQ, or even the global markets with a single click

7 of the Top Canadian Value Stocks to Buy in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

Value investing ranks among the top investment strategies ever. It has been favored by some of the world’s most accomplished investors, like Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, who are renowned for their value investing approach. Unlike growth investing, which is a strategy directed at paying a higher premium now for growth in the future, value investing

What Are the Largest Banks in Canada in May 2024? – Loans for Stock in Canada

The economic structure of Canada is significantly influenced by a small number of financial institutions, often referred to as an oligopoly, which dominate the country’s banking sector. Known commonly as the “Big Five,” these banks are not only pivotal in Canada but also hold significant influence internationally. What are the largest banks in Canada?Royal Bank of Canada

The Best Dividend Stocks for Your TFSA in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

A lot of novice investors aim to buy volatile yet potentially profitable stocks within their Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), in order to create substantial five or 10-time returns in a short period of time. The goal is to gather the earnings without having to pay taxes. They tend to do this with a TFSA over their

The Best Mutual Funds in Canada for May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

In the past ten years, numerous Canadian investors have shifted from high-cost mutual funds, choosing instead to invest their retirement savings into exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The main reason for this shift is, of course, fees. Countless studies have confirmed that most mutual funds cannot beat their benchmark indexes over the long term, mainly because their high

Two Top Canadian Dividend Stocks to Buy in May – Loans for Stock in Canada

Numerous Canadian investors have the goal of sustaining their livelihood through the dividend income produced by their portfolios. Dividend disbursements from trustworthy Canadian companies offer a robust form of passive income and serve as a fundamental asset in the portfolios of many retirees. It just so happens that many Canadian dividend stocks are witnessing large drawdowns at this

Canadian Dividend Aristocrats – The Top Aristocrats in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

Assume you’re on the hunt for the most lucrative dividend stocks to improve your TFSA or RRSP currently. If so, you have to consider Canadian Dividend Aristocrats. Canadian Dividend aristocrats are famous, especially to newcomers looking to learn how to buy stocks.What is a Canadian Dividend Aristocrat?For a Canadian company to become a Canadian Dividend Aristocrat, it

Home Country Bias and the Impacts on Your Portfolio – Loans for Stock in Canada

BMO Exchange Traded Funds is the sponsor of this post. Home country bias is the tendency for investors to invest the majority of their investable assets (usually equities) in the domestic market. In the past, Canadians had legitimate reasons to allocate the majority of their portfolios in in their home countryForeign content was initially restricted in RRSPs

CIBC Costco Mastercard Review – Canadian Costco Credit Card – Loans for Stock in Canada

Capital One Mastercard, CIBC, and Costco have previously collaborated to introduce a Cashback Mastercard for Costco customers. This fresh offering allows cardholders to earn 3% cash back on eligible charges made to the card. Costco members receive zero annual fees and no-limit cashback rewards. This card comes with a few of the typical Costco perks, device

The Top Canadian Silver Stocks for May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

Numerous investors are on the lookout for exposure to precious metals within Canadian stocks listed on the TSX. Given the ongoing inflation rates, the demand for stocks in gold, copper, or silver, is high. In this article, we’ll get into the top Canadian silver stocks today. Of note, some runners-up that didn’t make this list but could be added

The Best Canadian Fertilizer Stocks to Buy in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

The past few years have been thrilling for the leading fertilizer stocks in Canada. Let’s take a closer look at Canada’s top potash stocks, companies poised to benefit from this rising trend.What are the best fertilizer stocks in Canada right now? Gensource Potash (TSXV:GSP) Gensource Potash Corp (TSXV:GSP) is a potash and fertilizer development company with its

The Top Canadian Space Stocks To Buy in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

With the progression of technology, humans are investing more time and financial resources into exploring space than at any previous point. The United States is one of the world’s largest space exploration spenders, dedicating more than $60B in 2022 to space exploration. The next closest country was China, spending a fraction of this amount. There are arguments

The Top Canadian Telecommunication Stocks to Buy in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

A significant number of investors from Canada have put a lot of their money into telecommunications, considering them a highly lucrative sector. Unsurprisingly, these companies have a key role in our daily routines, delivering the crucial infrastructure required to stay connected with our dear ones. Combine that with plenty of predictable cash flow and some of

The Best Bank in Canada Ranked By Category in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

The robustness and diversity of Canada’s banking sector allows customers to select from an array of large banks with a nationwide presence, regional banking institutions, as well as digital-only banks. Each of these provides distinct benefits regarding their service charges, accessibility, customer service, and internet banking features. Selecting the best bank in Canada for an individual’s

Canadian Gold Stocks – Top TSX Gold Stocks for May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

Engaging in precious metal mining stock investments is a widely favored pursuit. Though certain sectors might be more unstable such as lithium miners, gold proponents ultimately have a reason to celebrate. After years of underperformance, gold has finally broken out to the upside and is regaining its swagger as a stable metal. The S&P/TSX Global Gold Index

Trading Options in Canada – Strategies & Top Options Brokers – Loans for Stock in Canada

In order to begin options trading in Canada, it’s not just essential to understand the basic jargon and strategies, you should also seek out trustworthy online platforms. In this article, I’ll discuss the best-rated options trading websites available in Canada. Finding the best brokerage platform for active traders can be challenging, especially when options trading is

The Top Investment Firms in Canada for May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

We all aspire to become independent investors, purchasing individual stocks from Canadian enterprises and enjoying the benefits. Yet, occasionally, we recognize the enormity of the task. Be it due to lack of expertise or time restrictions, we need a professional to manage our investments. Choosing the right investment firm in Canada can be a make-or-break decision

Ways to Generate Passive Income in Canada in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

Given the increasing cost of living, an escalating number of Canadians are relying on supplementary projects and additional jobs to earn extra money. This trend is particularly noticeable with the swell of online jobs that have now integrated into the economic mix. Whether it be to pay down Canada student loans while you’re in college, or

The Best Short-Term Investments in Canada for May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

The opportunity of setting aside money for the future is not a luxury everyone can afford. Imagine you’re planning to purchase a vehicle, a property, or even just squirrelling away funds for unforeseen emergencies or for a secondary income source. We currently have access to some incredibly appealing short-term interest rates for our money, which

The Best Funeral Home Stocks to Buy in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

They often claim that death and taxes are the only certainties in life. Therefore, if you’re considering putting your money into one of these surefire things, you’ve landed on the right page. We are about to delve into some of North America’s top-performing funeral home stocks. With the Toronto Stock Exchange being heavily cyclical and exposed

The Best High-Yielding Canadian HISA ETFs for May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

For a prolonged period, record-breaking low interest rates rendered high-interest savings accounts and high-interest savings ETFs on the Toronto Stock Exchange practically ineffective. Nobody wanted to park their hard-earned cash into a high interest savings account or a Canadian ETF yielding 0.5%, especially when the stock market was soaring. However, the tables have indeed turned. Now, we’re presented with

Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

Choosing a career path often involves considering the salary that comes with it. Fortunately, there are numerous high-paying positions in Canada that allow you to live comfortably while utilizing your education and skills to make a significant contribution. Today, we’ll break down 15 of the highest-paying jobs in Canada to help you make an informed decision

The Cheapest Grocery Stores in Canada in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

The situation is becoming increasingly challenging for Canadians currently. The mortgage crisis has significantly driven up housing and rental costs, while the swift inflation experienced in late 2021 and 2022 has led to an unprecedented rise in prices, unlikely to decrease any time soon. Generally, the cost of living in Canada has surged considerably. In times

3 of the Best Stocks to Buy in Canada Today – Loans for Stock in Canada

If you’re looking for opportunities when it comes to Canadian stocks, look no further. Now more than ever, the strategic selection of Canadian stocks can make or break your portfolio. Lets dig into what I feel are 6 of the best opportunities on the market today.Sunlife Financial (TSE:SLF)Sun Life Financial stands as a prominent provider of life

The Best USD Accounts in Canada for May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

For Canadians who regularly handle US currency, possessing a US dollar account can be incredibly advantageous in terms of financial management. Arguably, some might consider it a prudent strategy to own USD as a hedge against the Canadian dollar. In any event, we’re about to explore some of the top-notch USD accounts available in Canada

The Best Day Trading Stocks in Canada for May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

“Day trading” is potentially the most favored tactic for those new to the stock market or who prefer not to employ the long-term, high yield strategy of “buy and hold”. Those who day trade stocks, an extremely speculative strategy, look to enter and exit positions using highly volatile stocks within the same day. Day traders never

List of Canadian CDRs – Canadian Depository Receipts for US Investing – Loans for Stock in Canada

If in the past, you’ve considered expanding your portfolio with US stocks, it typically involved converting your Canadian dollars into US dollars. Such a procedure could yield considerable charges on currency conversion or commission costs from performing a currency strategy like Norbert’s Gambit. There’s also some frustration among beginner investors here in Canada that are just

Carbon Tax Rebate 2024 – The Lowdown on The Carbon Tax Rebate – Loans for Stock in Canada

The Liberal Government has implemented a variety of policies that will aid diligent Canadians. Unlike the Canadian Grocery Rebate, One of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s most controversial policies is the implementation of the so-called Carbon Tax. Let’s talk about it, along with the carbon tax rebate you can expect to receive in this article.What is the carbon

Grocery Rebate in Canada – All About The Canadian Grocery Rebate – Loans for Stock in Canada

At present, inflation is eroding the savings of numerous Canadians. Be it utility bills, gym subscriptions, groceries, or fuel, we are all experiencing its effects. With inflation impacting grocery prices by significant margins, Canadians are looking for additional ways to save money. Fortunately, the Government has put into place the Canadian grocery rebate. In this article,

A Comprehensive Review of the iShares Core Equity ETF XEQT – Loans for Stock in Canada

Investing in the stock market often involves sifting through a plethora of options – a variety of stocks, sectors, and countries. If you’re looking to simplify this, the iShares All-Equity ETF Portfolio, or XEQT, offers a very easy solution for Canadians.  This exchange-traded fund (ETF) provides a diversified portfolio by investing in a selection of domestic and international equities,

Top Canadian Cryptocurrency ETFs to Buy in May 2024 – Loans for Stock in Canada

There are numerous methods to obtain access to cryptocurrencies. We have previously touched on a few, but for today, our attention will be centered on some of the foremost crypto Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Many people get confused or nervous about things like a digital wallet, blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency exchanges, and just digital assets in general. So,

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